Across the globe, century after century, men and women were burned, drowned, hanged, tortured, imprisoned, persecuted, and murdered for witchcraft.

None of them were witches. They died protecting a terrible and hidden truth: witches, real witches, are out there. They are ancient, elusive, and deadly creatures that are rarely seen and even more rarely survived.

When the Rooks family moves to the remote town of Litchfield, New Hampshire to escape a haunting trauma, they’re hopeful about starting over.  But something evil is waiting for them in the woods just beyond town.  Watching from the trees.  Ancient.. and hungry.

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  • Tools : Photoshop, watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper
  • Creative team : Written by Scott Snyder, drawn by Jock, colored by Matt Hollingsworth and lettered by Clem Robins.
  • : Copyright © 2015 Scott Snyder & Jock. All rights reserved.